Industry application


Electric Power is a kind of energy which is powered by Electric energy.Power system is a power generation and consumption system composed of power generation, transmission, transformation, distribution and consumption.Its function is to convert the primary energy of nature into electric energy through power generation power plant, and then supply electric energy to each user through transmission, transformation and distribution.Electric energy is mainly generated by hydroelectric power, thermal power, nuclear power and other power generation methods, such as wind energy, geothermal energy, solar energy, tidal energy and hydrogen energy.The electric power industry is related to the national economy and people's livelihood, and the society also pays double attention to the electric power industry.

Project List

  • Huaneng Tongchuan Zhaojin Power Plant
  • Huaneng Nantong Power Plant
  • Jiangsu Xinhai Power Generation Co., Ltd.
  • Anhui Huadian Liuan Power Plant Co., Ltd.
  • Xian Fengdong Power Plant
  • Shanxi Houma Power Plant
  • Shaanxi Qingshuichuan Power Generation Co., Ltd.
  • Xuzhou Huarun Electric Power Co., Ltd.
  • Tang Linzhou Thermal Power Co., Ltd.