Industry application


The petroleum industry is the industrial sector that extracts and refines petroleum (including natural petroleum, oil shale and natural gas).It is composed of oilfield geological exploration, oilfield development and petroleum exploitation, transportation, refining and processing units.Petroleum is the "blood" of industry and an important industrial energy source.The development of petroleum industry needs to do the following work :(1) do well in geological exploration, increase industrial reserves, determine a reasonable proportion of storage and production;(2) Strengthen scientific and technological research in petroleum exploitation, and study and select reasonable exploitation technology and distribution of oil Wells according to natural conditions and factors such as the size of reserves and the level of natural pressure in oil reservoirs, so as to improve the exploitation rate of oil fields;(3) Strengthen the construction of supporting projects for oilfield exploitation, and select reasonable transportation modes while oilfield development;(4) Improve the production technology and management level of petroleum refining and processing to ensure the automation and continuity of the production process.

Project List

  • Shanghai Shidongkou Gas Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
  • CNOOC Industrial Gas (Ningbo) Co., Ltd.
  • Ekev Oil Company, Saudi Arabia