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Direct Acting Back Pressure Valve

Product details

Straight acting back pressure valve can maintain the required pressure and flow of the line, while discharging excessive pressure.Overcome the general pressure relief valve pressure relief can not hold the shortcomings of pressure.

The back pressure valve is controlled by the back pressure chamber. The back pressure chamber communicates with the back pressure of the valve through the hole. When the back pressure of the valve fluctuates, the back pressure chamber pushes the disc to keep the pressure stable.
Piston and diaphragm compound structure, to improve the traditional pressure relief valve diaphragm is not withstand pressure or the piston easy to wear caused by leakage problems.The valve is suitable for water, gas, acid, alkaline or oil media.

(1)Inlet pressure regulating range:1kgf/cm2—6kgf/cm2



(2)Service temperature: 0℃—80℃

(3)Pressure gauge shows outlet pressure

(4)Nominal pressure PN1.0Mpa—1.6Mpa,Specifications DN15-DN150。

(5)RFF type uses flange connection and RFT type uses threaded connection.

Special media, higher service pressure or temperature can be customized.