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API Bevel Gear Globe Valve

Product details

The opening and closing parts of the bevel gear globe valve are plug shaped disc, sealing surface is flat or conical surface, disc along the center line of the fluid for linear motion.The movement form of the valve stem, there are lifting rod type (stem up and down, handwheel does not rise and fall), there are also lifting rotary rod type (handwheel and valve stem rotate up and down together, nut is located on the valve body).Globe valves are suitable for full open and full close only. Adjustment and throttling are not allowed.API  globe valves mainly have API and ASME standard, ASTM, ASTM is the material standard, not the standard of the valve itself;Globe valves designed, manufactured, manufactured and tested according to American standards are called American standard globe valves.American standard globe valves and flanged globe valves are of the same type. The shutoff piece is a disc with the stem rotating about the center line of the body to open and close a valve.

Product Model: J541H
Nominal Path: NPS2 "~32"
Nominal pressure: Class150~900Lb
Working temperature: carbon steel - 29 ~425  ℃;
Low temperature steel - 46 ~350  ℃,
Chromium molybdenum steel - 29 ~550  ℃.
Driving mode: electric, pneumatic, hydraulic, gear, etc.
Design and Manufacturing: ANSI B16.34 BS1873
Structure length: ANSI B 16.10
Pressure and temperature rating: ANSI B16.5
Testing and Inspection: API 598