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Wafer Hard Seat Butterfly Valve

Product details

Sandwich-type hard seal butterfly valve adopts precise J-shaped elastic seal ring and three-eccentric multi-level metal hard seal structure, which is widely used for regulating flow rate and broken flow body in industrial pipelines with medium temperature ≤400℃, such as gold treatment, electric power, petrochemical industry, water supply and drainage industry and municipal construction industry.

Product model: D373W/H
Nominal diameter: DN50~1200mm
Nominal pressure: PN0.6~10.0MPa
Applicable temperature: ≤400℃
Applicable medium: water, oil, gas, acetic acid, nitric acid and other medium
Body material: WCB CF8 CF8 chromium molybdenum steel low temperature steel nickel alloy
Driving mode: worm wheel drive, electric, pneumatic, hydraulic
Design specification: GB/T 12238 API609
Structure length: GB/T 12221 API609 ASME B16.10
French connection: GB/T 9113 API609 ASME B16.5 ISO5752
Test and inspection: GB/T 13927 API598