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Angle Type LPG Globe Valve

Product details

Angle globe valve is plug - shaped disc, sealing surface is flat or conical, disc along the center of the fluid to make a straight line of motion.The movement form of the valve stem, there are lifting rod type (stem up and down, handwheel does not rise and fall), there are also lifting rotary rod type (handwheel and valve stem rotate up and down together, nut is located on the valve body).Piped globe valves are for full open and full close only. Adjustment and throttling are not allowed.

Product Model: J44N-40
Nominal Pressure: PN1.6~4.0 (MPa)
Nominal diameter: DN15~300 (mm)
Follow the Specification: STANDARD
Design and fabrication: GB12233/GB 12235
Structure length: GB 12221/JB96 (long series)
Structure length: GB78/JB79 (GB, HG, SH)
Pressure test: GB/T 13927
Logo: GB 12220
Supply: GB/T12252