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Chlorine Globe Valve

Product details

1. According to the specific characteristics of the medium, the special bellows globe valve for chlorine gas selects corrosion-resistant alloy on the material of the valve body, which is resistant to chlorine gas and liquid chlorine corrosion. The low temperature can reach -40℃, which ensures the working conditions to a large extent.

2. The hydraulic formed bellows form a road seal to ensure zero leakage of the valve stem seal.
3. The multistage PTFE packing in the stuffing box is combined to form a second line above the bellows, which increases the reliability of the sealing.
4, the middle flange adopts the mortise groove sealing structure, even in the case of pipe pressure fluctuation, to ensure the middle flange reliable sealing.
5. Non-rotating stem prevents bellows from twisting to ensure longer service life of the valve.
6. The structure of sealing pair adopts cone and plane type, sealing automatic compensation, achieving the effect of double insurance, stable sealing performance, no adhesive wear and long service life.

Product Model: LWJ41F
Nominal diameter: DN15~400mm, NPS1/2 "~12"
Nominal Pressure: PN1.6~4.0MPa, Class150~300Lb
Applicable media: chlorine, liquid chlorine
Applicable Temperature: -40~150 degrees Celsius
Drive mode: manual, pneumatic and electric
Design Criteria: GB/T12235-2007
Structure length: GB/T12221-2005
Connecting flange: HG/T20592-97
Experiments and Tests: JB/T9092-99