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GB Lift Check Valve

Product details

The national standard lifting check valve is suitable for the opening and closing device of medium and small diameter pipeline under various pressure, temperature and media to control to connect or cut off the pipeline media;Automatically prevent backflow by disc weight and fluid pressure differential.When the medium flow from the valve body arrow into the valve body, the pressure of the medium on the disc to produce upward thrust, when the medium thrust is greater than the disc gravity, the valve opened.When the pressure of the media behind the valve on the disc plus the weight of the disc itself is greater than the force of the pressure in front of the valve on the disc, the valve is closed to prevent media backflow.National standard lifting type check valve has the advantages of simple structure, reliable operation, convenient maintenance, etc. It is widely used in the production process of purification equipment, petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, electric power, light textile and so on.

Product model: H41W/H
Nominal diameter: DN50 ~ 400mm
Pressure range: PN10 ~ 160MPa
Operating temperature: -196℃ ~ +560℃
Main material: carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel
Design and manufacture: GB12236
Length of structure: GB12221
Connection flange: JB/T79-1994
Testing and inspection: JB/T9092-1999