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Signal Butterfly Valve

Product details

Signal butterfly valve is suitable for petroleum, chemical industry, food, medicine, papermaking, water supply and drainage, smelting, energy and other systems pipeline, can be used in a variety of corrosive, non-corrosive gas, liquid, semi-fluid and solid powder pipeline and container as regulation and closure equipment.Especially widely used in high-rise building fire systems and other pipeline systems that need to show the status of the valve on and off.

Product model: XD371X-16
Nominal diameter: DN40-DN1000
Material of valve body: ductile iron, 304, 316
Connection: clamping, flanged, lug clamping
Pressure classes: PN1.0mpa, PN1.6mpa
Seat sealing: EPDM: -30℃ ~ 120℃ NBR: -30℃ ~ 80℃ PTFE: -30℃ ~ 140℃ VITON: -30℃ ~ 150℃
Valve plate quality: ductile iron nickel plating, nylon coating, aluminum bronze, 304, 316, 316L, 1.4529, 2507
Stem material: stainless steel 410, 304
Suitable medium: water, liquid, gas, oil, powder, steam, caustic medium.