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Flat Gate Valve Without Guide Hole

Product details

1. Floating seat, two-way opening and closing, reliable sealing, flexible opening and closing.

2. The gate is provided with a guide strip for precise guidance, and the sealing surface is sprayed with cemented carbide for erosion resistance.
3. The valve body has high bearing capacity and the channel is straight-through. When fully open, it is similar to the intersecting passage and straight pipe with the gate guide hole, and the flow resistance is very small.The valve stem USES compound packing, multiple sealing, makes the sealing reliable, the friction force is small.
4. When the valve is closed, the gate moves down to the bottom. Due to the effect of medium pressure, push the sealing seat at the inlet to the direction of the gate, forming a larger sealing specific pressure and thus forming the first seal.At the same time, the gate plate is pressed to the outlet end seal seat to become a double seal. 
5. Grease filling device is installed in the sealing parts, which can be sealed in case of valve leakage.

Product Model: Z943F
Nominal Path: NPS 2"~NPS60" DN50~DN1500
Pressure range: CL150~CL2500 PN10~PN420
Working temperature: -15 ~+120 ~C
Main material: carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel
Application range: for tap water, sewage, construction, petroleum, chemical industry, food, medicine, textile, power, ship, metallurgy, energy system, etc.