Ritai valve provides settlement solution for zhoushan Xiaogan Sewage Treatment Plant
Release time: 2020/11/7

Due to the factors such as earthquake, temperature difference, soft soil and external load, the pipe will have certain elongation and displacement in the process of using.When the elongation and deformation is slight, the pipe will leak due to the failure of sealing at the connection, and even cause the pipe to break in severe cases.If the damaged pipeline belongs to buried pipeline, it requires a lot of material resources to find the breaking point and dig the ground before maintenance.At the same time the maintenance of the pipeline for a long time off water will also cause a serious impact on normal production and life.

Entrusted by Zhoushan Sewage Treatment Co., LTD., Zhejiang Province, our company controlled the design, production, commissioning and other aspects layer by layer. The spherical universal extender finally passed the acceptance of the client and was sent to zhoushan Xiaogan Sewage Treatment Plant project site.

The maximum nominal diameter DN1200 and maximum settlement 300mm of the spherical universal telescopic device used in this project.After it is installed in the pipe, the spherical universal telescopic device can absorb and adjust the bending, distortion and other problems of the pipe through self-expansion and deformation.


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