Industry application


Urban construction is an important part of urban management.City construction based on planning, through the construction of urban residential environment, construction is carried out on each physical facilities in the urban system, urban construction including the content of the urban system in the physical facilities of physical form, is a basic and create good conditions for city management stage work, and the obvious cyclical process of a kind of special economic work.After planning and construction, the city is put into operation and gives full play to its functions, providing services, truly creating a good living environment for citizens, ensuring their normal life, and serving the economic and social development of the city.Therefore, urban construction is based on urban planning and ultimately serves the urban operation.It is divided into urban spiritual civilization construction and physical construction.

Project List

  • Zhoushan Goushan Sewage Treatment Plant
  • Zhoushan Dinghai Sewage Treatment Plant
  • Main Sewage Distribution Network of Zhenmao in Zhoushan City
  • Zhoushan Island North Sewage Treatment Plant Phase II
  • Zhoushan Small Dry Sewage Treatment Plant
  • Zhongshan Sewage Treatment Plant
  • Xiamen Tongan District Xike Sewage Treatment Plant
  • Xiamen Kawasaki Sewage Treatment Plant
  • Yueqing Water Supply Group Co., Ltd.
  • Lianyungang Qinshan Island Water Supply Project
  • Baoshan Tap Water Company
  • Jinhu County Tap Water Company