Industry application


Water conservancy project is a project built to control and allocate the surface water and ground water of the nature to achieve the purpose of eliminating pests and making profits.Also known as water engineering.Water is an indispensable and precious resource for human production and life, but its natural existence does not fully meet the needs of human beings.Only by building water conservancy projects, can water flow be controlled, flood and waterlogging disasters be prevented, and water quantity be regulated and distributed to meet people's living and production needs for water resources.Water conservancy projects need to build DAMS, dikes, spillways, sluices, water intake, channels, troughs, raft ways, fish ways and other types of hydraulic structures in order to achieve their goals.

Project List

  • Xiluodu Hydropower Station
  • Xiangjiaba Hydropower Station
  • Tangba Avionics hub of the main stream of Minjiang River
  • Wudongde Hydropower Station
  • Changlongshan Hydropower Station
  • Baihetan Hydropower Station
  • Henan Tianchi Pumped storage Power Station
  • Tabela Hydropower Station, Pakistan