Get you your own custom Ferrari for $3.14 million


custom ferrari In the July issue of the EVO magazine, the Ferrari “one-off” project has been revisited – a project that creates real and unique models. We had already seen that Ferrari was interested in launching new projects with the best international automobile signatures, and this news confirms the rumours.

In addition to the One to One scaglietti personalisation program whereby customers can choose finishes, colours and accessories, planned for the entire Ferrari range in the future, there will also be the possibility of having your own custom series. Armed with at least two million euros, according to the source, the customer will choose a model currently in production and from this basis, his own car will emerge.

Ferrari is willing to built you your own custom series as long as you don’t ask them to build you an SUV, station wagon or sedans. Not to mention, your own custom model will have to use an existing Ferrari chassis, engine, airbags and other components.

So how much will you have to pay for your own custom-made Ferrari? $3.14 million. That’s a lot of money – however you’ll be given the bragging rights to own your own custom-made Ferrari and a guaranteed resale value at Barrett Jackson. You can basically get Ferrari to build you something like Ugur Sahin’s Passionata concept which is based on the Ferrari 599 Fiorano. Or you can always get some private coach builder to build you a new body for your Ferrari for much cheaper.

Chassis, engine and airbag will have to remain the same, while the rest can be exclusively designed and created, and all the materials will be delivered to the customer. No SUVs, station wagons or sedans are the only requests from the company, so putting paid to the rumours of recent months.

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You’re crazy but you do get a guaranteed resale from BJ so that’s “comforting” to multi-millionaire’s lol.

I’m sorry but I’d take a normal F430 or 360 Modena, send it to Novitec and then take it to one of the highest regarded interior car builders in the world to design seats, dash, whatever I want for far cheaper than Ferrari charges. If I had all that done I wouldn’t give a crap about resale value, that car would be mine forever.

May 1, 2009

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