High-tech Wheel for true sports-cars


alloy wheels “Design, production, fine machining – even the screws for the mounting of the individual parts are from Germany”, Thomas and Michael Schnarr, brothers, managing directors and founders of Cargraphic GmbH are proud of the technical precision of their wheels.

The new design, the GTR, is a three-part forged rim which is the result of an immense development technologically and stylistically, similar to the Supercars which should wear them. Drivers which are crazy about sophisticated cars such as Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche, Audi R8 or Aston Martin want the same from a light weight wheel. Michael Schnarr says : „That means not only Style, but also Technical Sophistication.“

Cargraphic, established as a company in April 1985, is not only the supplier but also the developer and the manufacturer of their light weight wheels. Like the other ones, the GTR wheel is a know-how product. Lots of the practical solutions come from the long Motorsport experience of the company, an area in which the smallest detail counts. Thomas Schnarr says : the rotational forged star and the lightened pockets keep the weight low. And the concave curve in the inner rim makes sure that the brake clearance is not a problem even with the biggest ceramic brake system.“

ferrari wheels

The visual appearance of this wheel is equivalent to its technical brilliance: the expressive center with a red splint reminding of race wheels with centre locking, the massive double-spokes with cross web design. No wonder that the wheel load is 775 kg. Each detail is an ornament. The polished stainless steel outer rim is not only decorative but also protective. Michael Schnarr says : „During a race, there are always sparks from the brake system which could harm an alloy outer rim.“ The machining and material quality of the GTR sets standards that demonstrate the reinforced stainless steel inner rim and the rotation forged star. The screws are also small masterpieces. Despite of this special construction, Cargraphic has no limits for customer individuality: the GTR is standard with a silver wheel centre, polished stainless steel outer rim and silver inner rim, but on customer request the wheel can be delivered in any colour.

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