Novitec Rosso Scuderia Spider 16M


The Novitec Ferrari 16M is the latest creation from the German tuner. Taking an amazing car like the Ferrari Scuderia and Ferrari 16M to the next level of performance, is a tough task. Novitec outfitted this 16M with their 3-pc NF3 wheels in custom painted colors.

The NF3 wheels are 20×8.5” front and 20×12” rear and feature Pirelli tires. The suspension is converted to their Hydraulic Coil-Over Suspension system which allows for a 40mm front end lift when entering driveways or going over speed bumps by the touch of a button. The engine of this very special 16M is outfitted with a twin supercharger system that gives a horsepower rating of 696hp! Finishing off the car is Novitec’s black tail lights, LED third brake light and reflectors. Novitec also has a range of products for the Scuderia and other Ferraris.

Novitec has fitted twin superchargers to the 16M. Power should be up by an estimated 186hp (139kW) on the factory model to 696hp (519kW). In comparison the stock vehicle’s V8 has a maximum power output of 510hp (380kW). It will push the car from 0 – 100km/h in 3.7 seconds and let it go as fast as 315km/h (196mph). Therefore it would be fair to assume the more powerful Novitec car will outsprint and ultimately outrun a normal F430 16M Scuderia Spider.

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Shoot the “normal” Scuderia goes 0-60mph in 3.2 seconds flat. I can’t imagine what the Novitec Rosso edition would do to the 0-100mph barrier. I’ve always been in love with Novitec Rosso since they made the Novitec F360 SuperSport.

May 1, 2009

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