Cargraphic puts 19” rims on the legendary 512 TR/M

Cargraphic_Ferrari512TR-1 Everybody knows the legendary Ferrari Testarossa from Miami Vice on DVD or from the remake of the arcade hit Outrun. It is an icon of the 1980s and early 1990s, and now the uber Testarossas, the 512 TR and 512 M, can mark themselves apart with a new 19” cast or weight optimized forged wheel upgrade from Cargraphic that can carry the load of this outlandish supercar while trimming the weight. Read more…

Targa Trophy Road Rally

Targa Trophy, North America’s premier automotive lifestyle rally event, plans to zip through Southern California’s finest cities as it gears up to launch its first ever triple crown series. The unique proceeding will provide sports car enthusiasts the opportunity to showcase their vehicles during an energy-charged day incorporating competition, luxury automotive exhibitions and A-list parties, produced by Overell, Inc. Read more…

Ferrari Christmas gifts

Are you still looking for the ultimate Christmas gift for a Ferrari Fan? Look no further, we have you covered with the ultimate Christmas gift list for Ferrari fans.


ferrari magazine Maranello, 25 June 2008 – The Official Ferrari Magazine, the new publication for Ferrari clients worldwide, opens with a truly unique interview. Produced in collaboration with world lifestyle publications leader, Condè Nast, the first issue of the magazine sees Ferrari President and Fiat Group Chairman Luca di Montezemolo being interviewed by Michael Schumacher. Read more…

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